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Lambs Grove strives to hold a mirror to the struggle and the illusion of the American Dream, a mirror, which reflects the ugly, pretty, sad, loving, disillusioned, underbelly, predatory—all that is human and therefore, all that is beautiful. We are interested in the way we see versus what is actually seen, the human imagination versus its reality, and the chasm between what humans want as opposed to what they already have. We explore the lives of outsiders—ones who were never told they could be whatever they wanted to be and those given the opportunity but who simply chose not to believe it.


Lambs Grove Productions officially began when Laura Klein, J. Andrew McNeal, and Ashley Christopher Leach met in the mid-nineties as drama students at Kempsville High School in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  In addition to their artistic endeavors, they have maintained and nurtured a friendship that            has lasted over twenty years.            

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